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    Post your Naval screenshots here since there isn't a forum section for it.

    SGC Naval Play (11-07-12)

    From when Karolis O.(Smart Cookie) was helping develop Naval. (5/4/2012)
    Spartacus's wooden plane, flew well for what is was. He would later go on to develop one of the best turret systems in Naval history.
    Galleon from the serious naval era.
    Marshmelow's steampunk air ferry.
    One of my airships, had 2 cannons on the turret, and 7 each side.
    That time there was a whale with a house on it which would go around the server swallowing ships whole.
    Me and Red weren't sure what to make of that...

    If you want to see some of the worst naval has to offer, you can go through my screenshots here.
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