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    Jan 3, 2018
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    What is your Name?
    Ethan Hill
    What is your in-game display Name?
    Diplomatic Depression
    SGC Members you have Met:
    Xphos Sernikb Altair Animefan Warguy
    Why do you want to join the SGC?
    I find this server interesting as you can make any vehicle (Except Cars,Tanks,(Maybe Planes if Altiar wants to), amphibious vehicles etc.) of your own design, which I like as i am the creative type of person. I believe I can improve my skills by figuring out how to code from my common knowledge of Expression 2 and maybe piss of Xphos in the process.
    What is your favorite cake?
    This is a random question ( but ok) Triple Chocolate Sponge Cake
    Any other Comments?
    No, I have nothing else to say
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    Hey Ethan, my apologies for the ultra-late response. My issue is I haven't seen you playing on the server much, I would like to see you around and get to know you more before I support you becoming a SGC member.

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