Accepted Ban Request: Colonel Crazynator

Discussion in 'Ban Requests' started by Mojavelicious, Aug 28, 2019.

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    Username:"=[o.W.n]= Colonel Crazynator"


    Ban request reason: Physgun Driving boats away from battle, Proppushing on multiple occasions, armor-whoring on multiple occasions

    Proppushing #1 Proppushing #2 Admitting to prop pushing right after the second screenshot was taken. This is something he's done repeatedly whenever he loses a fight, and claims it's 'revenge' or 'payback'. I only got screenshots these last few occasions. Physgun driving & Physgun driving. You can see that my turrets havent even had time to rotate all the way in the time it took him to drag his boat back to port via physgun. & Possible Armor-whoring. I know the definition of armorwhoring is somewhat vague these days, but layering multiple props on top of one another like this seems to fit that definition, and this is something he's done MULTIPLE times now. The last time, Catshark apparently had him rebuild it, and as soon as admins were gone, he resumed using the old version, and only used the 'updated' version when mods came online. I took screenshots but nobody was interested in hearing about it. When confronted, he calls it 'complaining' and even admits that he builds that way so his ships won't sink nearly as easily.

    Witnesses: Xphos, Jveris, Arkempire

    Any other comments? He's always claiming that I'm "harassing" him when he loses a fight at sea. I call him out for cheating in the various ways above (as well as plenty of examples I didn't think to take screenshots for) and he doesn't seem to grasp the whole "following rules" thing.
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    Alright well physguning your vehicle back to harbour is not technically "illegal", although it is bad sportsmanship; the armour whoring I'm not even going to get into because no one amongst the Staffmembers can decide on exactly what defines it (The last I heard from Altair was "if a prop is submerged more than 50% into another prop, so that you have two props in a area for the space of one"); however the prop pushing is definitely not allowed and he will be getting a 2 week ban for that.
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