Naval Play Events! [POLL]

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Which event would you like to play?

  1. Dominate The Rig!

  2. Naval Seafort TDM


  4. Skiff / Plane Island Racing Tournament

  5. Naval Rocket League

  6. Mission: Capture & Retrieve the Crashed UFO!

  7. Mission: Destroy the Enemy Pirate Armada!

  8. Building Competitions

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    Ahoy Captains,

    As a few of you may have noticed, I have been running several events over the last week. Ranging from dominating the rig to storming the sea fort, they've been received well and had interaction with over 42+ different players - both regular and new. It is great to see such a turnout in an impromptu event. In the interest of continuing to host the events and keep things interesting, I have added a Poll to this thread where members can vote on their favourite events or rather what they would like to see next. Feel free to post any suggestions below, as I can create just about any scenario provided it is suitable and relevant.

    I will also be looking to expand prizegiving, giving away naval vessels valued at 20-50k and even some Steam games for bigger, planned events.

    Let me know what you all think and feel free to post any ideas.

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