[Bug/Rant] Regarding A Certain Issue In Naval Play...

Discussion in 'Garry's Mod Discussion' started by 'Vulcaneer., Jun 4, 2016.

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    To kick us off I'm going to be quite blunt.

    In regards to the certain entities and custom weaponry coded into Naval Play, which have been around for at least a year (Relating to the newer ones), I've noticed a clear distinction between the original server and this 'restoration'... I'm talking about the performance of the weapons at the players disposal, and to be quite honest I'm scratching my head wondering what the FUCK has happened.

    For a starters Flak Cannons & .50 Cal's have become a MAJOR pain in the nether regions in terms of being unable to bathe in the effortless and serene process of pasting down a Duplicate Ship you've saved in your Adv Dupe Folder's - This is because of some sort of annoying issue where the tool doesn't recognize the constraint connecting the part which 'shoots' and the part which you 'wire'. I think these images will speak for themselves:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now to address the bombs - and please for the love of god if anyone ACTUALLY know's what is happening with them tell me what I'm doing wrong, because I'm blundering in the dark, and I've heard multiple stories from different people trying to remedy the situation - none of them successful...
    Bombs for some reason, when they are dropped from a vehicle in flight, seem to immediately despawn/disappear. You hear the sound effect for the bomb being dropped, you even see it for that split second, but then immediately after it disappears with no trace, and happily sucks that 100 gold right out of your wallet. Multiple people have told me this is because the bomb is colliding with the plane, so to remedy this i spaced my bomb mounts out, distanced them slightly from the plane and made sure nothing was in-front below or behind them. I've also been told that it's a 'contraption type' issue, which I also made sure my plane was classified as an actual plane. None of these actions have helped me at all and has led me to the same result - back to square one...


    Now just to finish up, I apologize for being the ungrateful pessimistic cunt who's dragged what is hopefully a minor work in progress into a forum discussion - however I've been trying to bring the subject up on multiple occasions server-side, and hopefully enlighten myself to the reasons why I'm having such massive issues using bombs, I'm pretty fed up of the subject being brushed aside so hence the reason I'm here.

    Also, for some reason I can't post in the actual Naval Play Discussions Desk, bit of an off-topic note there to polish up this post.

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    The bombs issue is that they are indeed colliding with either the plane or the mount. It is really the way that you drop them that does that issue.
    As for the Flaks and 50 Cals that is a known bug, although I seem to not be able to replicate it on my own.

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