Ban Details: [K-G] Stannis The Mannis

Ban ID: #352

Player Information

Player Name:
[K-G] Stannis The Mannis
Steam ID:
IP Address:
Ban Status:

Ban Details

Banned On:
Aug 13, 2017
Banned By:
Captain Barry
Server Admin
Toby Larone
Banned Via:
Naval Play 2
Suspected use of illegal lua scripts. If you are innocent please post a ban appeal with evidence here:
Ban Report:

Un-Ban Details

Unbanned On:
Aug 15, 2017
Un-Banned By:
Captain Barry
Server Admin
Toby Larone
Lua scripts are not harmful to our server


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Previous Bans

Name / Banned On Banned By Ban Reason Length / Status
[K-G] Stannis The Mannis
Aug 11, 2017
Georgianna Attacking builders, IN FRONT of a ADMIN, really? 12 hrs
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