Ban Details: Farifafa

Ban ID: #102

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Banned On:
Dec 14, 2016
Banned By:
Clan Admin
Naval Officer and Shipwright
Banned Via:
Naval Play 2
Disrespect/rudeness torwards staff, I wasn't joking.
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Un-Ban Details

Expired On:
Dec 14, 2016 (1 hr)


Ban Remarks

  • Georgianna
    RedDeath: ohai anime
    Doggo Of Philosophy: Hey anime.
    yoooo: Does anyone else have a decent plane to supply me?
    SGC | Animefan162a: Greetings.
    Farifafa: FUCKIGN WEEB
    RedDeath: should come royal and join the discussion
    wD.ELFBIPAPI13: i need help
    SGC | Animefan162a: Do not ever call me a Weeb.
    yoooo: I'll join royal if I am supplied with a good plane.
    Farifafa: Your name makes you a weaboo
    Player Farifafa left the game ("Disrespect/rudeness torwards staff, I wasn't joking. (SGC | An)
    Farifafa has left the server.
    SGC | Animefan162a removed all disconnected players' props
    Microsoft PowerPoint: damn
    SGC | Animefan162a: I have no tolerance for that word, especially when it's directed at me.
    Clan Admin - Dec 14, 2016
    Edit - Delete
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