Welcome to Naval Play!

We hope you have fun around here.
Any questions contact feel free to ask any of the admins.
Alternatively, you can post them on the clan's Discord Server at https://discord.gg/kRcv32m or in the forums at http://sgc-clan.com/forums.

Below there are some of the rules, video and guidelines to ease you on understanding the game.
These rules are always being updated, so make sure you check back here often.


We've set it up so you download everything you need to play the gamemode when you connect, but if that doesn't work or you just want to make sure you have the server content, you can subscribe to these Workshop items on the right.

If you're new to the gamemode...

We've created a Steam Guide for you so you can understand the gamemode better.

Rules - The lay of the land.

General Rules
Rules that are relevant to everything
Don't be a Jerk
We all like to engage in playful or cheeky banter with our friends, but no one likes playing with someone who is rude, disrespectful or just plain mean.
So don't insult, mock or otherwise belittle the other people on the server.
This includes any form of baiting or hate speech, "joking" or otherwise.
What defines "being a jerk" is up to staff discretion.
Consider this your warning.
No Political Discussion
Politics is a topic that has caused repeated disruption on NP2 and has no significant relevance to the gamemode.
Players come on here to forget about the stresses of "Real Life" and have fun, so don't bring unnecessary conversation on the server that might cause conflict and disrupt the gameplay.
No Prop Minging
This includes PropSpamming, PropBlocking, PropPushing and PropKilling.
Speak English Only
This is an international server, zo Sprechen sie Englisch, bitte!
Don't Noclip in Combat
This includes noclipping into or out of combat. Noclip is for building, not for performing magical assassinations.
Don't Attack Builders/Vehicles in Harbour
They're trying to build, don't rain on their parade.
Also vehicles in their harbour or in immediate proximity to it cannot be attacked unless they shoot at you first.
This means both vehicle weapons and small arms.
Don't Ram (Colide) With Other Vehicles
You should only ever collide with another vehicle WITHIN your class (I.E. boats/ships) to board it, you wouldn't want to damage your paintwork...
This would mean that no Kamikaze planes are allowed.
Abuse of Expression 2
Radars, Aim Assist, Autopilot, Blinders, Propkillers, etc. are not allowed.
If you're going to use E2 Holograms in your vehicles, please make sure that there is a destroyable hull and that the holograms are parented to the props below.
No Transatlantic Bridges or Artifical Oil Rigs
You want to cross the Sea? Build a vehicle capable of doing so. It's not rocket science! (G9.5 - No Rocket Science)
Defence Platforms or Sea-fortresses are allowed.
Identification of Team / Colors / Details
Your Vehicle should wear your team's colors in a easily identifiable way, however it cannot wear the enemy team's colors.
Failure to do so, means you can be attacked by your teammates.
Invisible props, thruster sounds and effects are not allowed unless for cosmetic reasons/realistic aesthetic.
Allowed Vehicles and Control Restrictions
This is a themed Build and Combat Server, not a random Sandbox Server where you can do whatever.
The only allowed vehicles are the following:
  • Ships
  • Planes
  • Submarines
  • Airships(Blimps)
Anything else not in that list such as Tanks, VTOLs, Cars or Krakens are not allowed.
You also cannot control your Vehicle remotely.
Armor Whoring
Layering props to protect yo ass ain't cool!
The general rule is that layering must be avoided at all cost, but if you have to do so, it cannot layer other props over 50% of the prop (exceptions can be made).
If you're unsure if your ship is armor whoring, ask a staff member.
Rule Loopholes = PERMABAN
This is self explanatory, if found using a rule loophole, end of the line. You're banned.
We're tired of people doing that and it just ruins the game for others.
So please, no.
Banning of Contraptions
The staff have the right to ban any contraption that they deem unfit for the gameplay and it's balance. If that happens, don't cry/yell about it.
Staff's Word is Law
Anything a Staff Member says overrules anything written down.
Seriously, don't argue over it, they have more knowledge about the gamemode than you.

Ship Designed Gear (SDG)

SDG is a group of features and enhancements that was added to Naval Play back in 2015 and been constantly improving over the years.
It introduced the new weapons, the "Armament Points" System and other improvements.
The "Armament Points"(AP) System gives you 16 Armament Points to use in your vehicles in order to allow you fit weapons to them.
You can have a maximum of 16 AP to spend on your vehicle's weapons

The AP system ensures that a vehicle class is using it's proper weapons, but there are certain restrictions on their use.

  • Maximum of 4 Black Powder Cannons to a Turret.
  • If building broadsides, make sure the cannons are balanced on both sides
  • Submarines need Air Tanks and Air Vents to function properly, else the player will drown.
  • Maximum of 2 Congreve Rockets
  • Maximum of 2 Heavy Torpedos/Heavy Bombs, the mount must be used to drop them.
In addition there are a few rules that go along with the SDG Items.
Turret to Size Ratio
Think about the size of your ship compared to the turrets you want to use. You shouldn't put a Tempest on a small patrol boat etc.
If you're unsure, just check with an admin/moderator.
Turret Placement
Turrets should be clearly visible on your ship. Building around turrets is fine, but don't hide them inside props or encase them in a dome etc.
Item Transportation
You can transport your newly acquired SDG Weapons & Equipment from the Oil Rig via Ship, Airship and Submarine.
These rules will change as time goes on as we discover new quirks and loopholes.

Boat Rules
If it sails the seas...
4x7x1 PHX Size Or Larger
We don't want bath-tub rafts zipping around... This isn't Waterworld, make a ship!
I mean... You wouldn't dare go to sea in a bathtub in reality, don't try it on here.
Maximum 15 MPH Speed
Go any faster and your boat will probably break. Also, use realistic handling and acceleration.
Note that some weapons will decrease your max speed.
5 Props Minimum
You should be building a boat or a ship, not sailing a cheap raft around.
Oil Tank/Container to Ship Size Ratio
A boat/ship must never carry a Oil Tank/Container bigger than it's size! Be reasonable.
Also, Oil Tanks/Containers may not overlap each other.
ڷ <><
This is Bait
This rule is used to check if a player has actually read the rules.

Submarine Rules
If it's going in deep...
Realistic Design
Your submarine must be a realistic size and shape, nothing tiny now.
Maximum 10 MPH Speed
Go any faster and your submarine will probably leak. Also, use realistic handling and acceleration.
5 Props Minimum
You're going deep into the ocean, if there's not enough props you'll collapse under pressure!
No Oil, Ore or Fish Transport
Submarines are the most difficult vehicles to detect and hunt, so it would be unfair if we allowed you to carry economic items on them.

Plane Rules
If it glides in the skies...
Realistic Design and Flight
Your plane has to look realistic, including size and shape, so no flat planes.
It must also fly realistically, this means being able to glide (at speed, not hover or free float).
Use the Fin Tool!
Maximum 50 MPH Speed
Go any faster and your airframe will probably start breaking.
5 Props Minimum and Size
Well... I know it can be done with 4, no need to brag about it!
The minimum size of a plane must be at least 4x4 in a "t" like shaped form.
Also note that the wings can never be shorter than the body length.
Do Not Purposely Fly Underwater
You're in a plane, not a submarine.
Keep to the skies at all costs.
Also, don't bother Altair with them.
No Landing On/Near the Rig
You can only land near rig when there's a Aircraft Carrier nearby, not in the water.
No Bombing/Torpedo Bombing Under the Rig
Yes, no bombing under the rig, no torpedo bombing either.
It is annoying to see one's hard work going through the drain because a smartass decided to bomb everyone under the rig.
(thanks Iraptor)
No Oil, Ore or Fish Transport.
Would you really consider carrying heavy metals, oil, or trying to fish from a airplane?
The fishing part could be fun, but please, don't.

Airship Rules
If it hovers like the Hindenburg...
4x7x1 PHX Size or bigger
Your airship must be at least 4x7x1 PHX, and have a realistically sized balloon.
Maximum 10 MPH Speed
You can only go 10mph, and you must have a realistic turning speed.
5 Props Minimum
You wouldn't fly a plate. Build something of substance.
No Oil, Ore or Fish Transport
You can land on the rig, and drop off personnel, but you cannot transport economic items.