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    Now that i got your attention ( or at least i hope so ). i'll talk of a not so small suggestion that i've been thinking for a while now, which tonight discussed with altair a while ( as usual the answer was post it on forums ). As the title indicates i'm suggesting the adition of engines, to:
    • Improve the actual contraption classification system
    • Simplify the gamemode by eliminating some rules directly incorporating them to the code and making admin duty easier.

    Now, i'm being able of thinking in 3 different types of engines, which could be implemented:
    • Control Engine
    • Partial Engine
    • Full Engine

    As this is not clear, i'll explain now what each engine consists of, and which are the pros and cons ( i have no cons at the moment, when you post then i'll add them if they are reasonable ) of each one:
    • Control engine:
      • This engine would be only for a better calibration on ship classes speed limiting. Althought this would be the same for all contraptions of some class ( Planes, Boats, Blimps Or Subs ). the size of the contraption wont matter.
      • It can also allow to measure angular speed, and stop those annoying and OP contraptions that turn faster than carrousel. Like all iraptor's planes
    • Partial Engine:
      • This engine would get all the benefits of the control engine
      • You can also measure the Contraption and determine different subclasses with different:
        • Maximun speeds.
        • Maximun angular speeds.
        • Maximun weapons.
    • Total Engine:
      • This engine would get all the benefits from the partial engine and thus the one from the control engine
      • It will work as an actual engine, generating the movement on the boat
      • Would suppose a weak spot in the ship, since once you lose the engine you can't move
      • It should be a scalable prop: Small ship -> Small Engine <=> Big Ship -> Big Engine
      • This could also make usefull AP rounds on boats, to disable engines
      • nevertheless This doesnt mean the ban of thrusters / or other sort of systems, this would only regulate it, or make it more simple for new players
    One of the good things of this, is that this could be implemented by stages. I'd recommend the inmediate addition of Control Engines, to make the gamemode a bit more fair for everyone.Then the addition of partial engines could make the game more even. Althought this would be after a long discussion for balancing.
    Besides the point that this is fully doable, we also have to be really carefull, since the addition of this sort of systems would also limit the gameplay in some forms

    This is it for the moment, i cant think about the other addition i wanted to make, but i'll add it if i remember it.
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    sounds interesting. but as you said, some of it needs alot of discusion regarding balancing and limitations and so on. a good idea never the less

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