Range Finder Radars For Barges

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Range Finder Radars for Unarmed Barges and Cargo Ships

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  1. Crazgunner

    Crazgunner New Member

    Feb 4, 2018
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    Range finder radars are the most basic of player made detection devices. It is my understanding that any sort of player made detection device is "illegal". So I would like to proposition an amendment to that rule Specifically for Unarmed Barges and Cargo ships.
    Reason being unarmed vessels cant shoot. So in theory their range finder radar would not be used to track vessels with the purpose of engaging. Instead its just a heads up that theres an object in the vicinity, and the captain can make the decision to change or stay on course. It will add more creativity for players and ships, while still maintaining checks and balances. By setting a limit to the range finder to EX (4000 units) would limit the range to the sight of a person on the deck.
    This could also be an opportunity for another vessel type, Scout boat. With high speeds and player made detection devices allowed. Either no weapons or just 1 MG that can be a strategic advantage in a fleet.
    So Whose in agreement that Unarmed Barges and cargo ships should be allowed to have basic range finder radar? and the scout class should be a thing?

    Thanks for reading!-craz
  2. Danny %20 <S> %20 Phantom

    Jan 28, 2018
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    I would agree on this, to have some degree of detection to able to detect ship or sub, just outside of view before being engage or decide to risk on going.
    Otherwise without detection, is playing with chance, if the opposite team haven't spawn a kraken class ship just to steamroll who embark to open water.
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