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    I made this for those interested in making models(mostly props and hats).If you have any experience with any modelling software (or even Hammer Editor), please mention it and show us your works on them.No matter your experience on this subject, you will be taught how to make a model, apply textures on it, compile it, manage the directories and finally test it in-game.

    Even if you have no experience on this, feel free to try.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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    I have tons of history with 3D modeling, HOWERVER not for games, i work fluently in Catia. i got some models to share if you are interested. Axes, swords, maces etc, that i modeled for Chivlary.
    (i have also tested some props inside Gmod, torpedos etc.. with and without static animations)

    So the good thing is, im proficient in making pretty models. But the downside is, Catia is not by any means made for modeling for games. Wich results in a harder time when applying texture.

    So if you need someone to make models, i will gladly help and do my best, but someone will have to take over when it comes to properly "depolygonize" & texture the models. (i suck at texturing)

    and if you want to see what the raw results are once the files leaves Catia i will gladly send an example for you to inspect.

    You reach me best via PM on steam: tomten_bong (account name)
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