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Discussion in 'Your Works' started by BlackcrowFR, Jan 6, 2019.

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    Mar 29, 2017
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    To make a nice come back on Naval Play 2, yesterday I builded a lil Blimp on a spacebuild server.
    The only problem is that this blimp is something around 200 props(under), also when I connect, i just saw the prop limit of 75... Also people will be able to see it only in picture :)
    20190106032411_1.jpg 20190106032419_1.jpg 20190106032429_1.jpg 20190106032441_1.jpg 20190106032453_1.jpg 20190106032357_1.jpg 20190106032403_1.jpg I will not finish this project, he is actually useless..
    That will be hard to build some nice looking things with 75 props, but I will try in the future.
    Cya all, have a nice day.

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