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Discussion in 'Ban Requests' started by Ground Zero, Sep 7, 2018.

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    Username: KarlFranz (

    SteamID: STEAM_1:1:87246793

    Ban request reason: Proppush


    Witnesses: JNEF | SaFeTy

    Any other comments? SaFeTy also claimed to have been prop-pushed by him, on video. I do not have his video though, so he will have to submit it himself. On another note, the server began to lag extremely following the argument, with names being reduced simply to 'Console' and nothing showing up on the scoreboard.[​IMG]
    A bit of further context into the report - I started by sitting by their harbour in my battleship waiting for a warship to fight, and i eventually died thanks to them noclip fighting, which i did not get evidence of. I flew back in a plane and i began recording after the first prop-push which resulted in my plane being flung into the water, thus i flew back again while recording to see if he would repeat the act.
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    Ban request denied, reporter purposely flew close to offender's ship while they were building.

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