Accepted eek + BigDickOrangatang + ItchyBunny11000

Discussion in 'Ban Requests' started by Ground Zero, Sep 1, 2019.

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    Username:eek + BigDickOrangatang + Itchbunny11000 ( - -

    SteamID: in same order as above: 76561198271348983 - 76561198341069229 - 76561198879288504

    Ban request reason: Repeated Prop-push, N-Word usage, hitting friendly ships with rockets, Threatening to come back on alts like a little bitch boi

    Evidence: Most of the recent stuff in my screenshots - more evidence is being gained constantly, so im not putting down a fixed number of screenshots:

    Witnesses: jveris1072 + jagycz + General Beef + Lemon Lime Sprite + nracryz + Shigi

    Any other comments? Please delete them in the form of an IP ban
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    I am posting on this topic as a reply to both you and I.S.N.O.T.'s previous ban requests.

    Thank you guys for reporting these players. Looking at both I.S.N.O.T.'s evidence and Ground Zero's evidence I can see they've been causing quite a bit of trouble. These three players will be banned for 6 months for prop pushing, attempting to crash the server and rudeness/disrespect towards other players.

    UPDATE: I was about to start issue bans but apparently another Staffmember has already done so...

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