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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by «☣BIGMAC☣»™, Nov 21, 2017.

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    What is your Name?


    What is your in-game display Name?


    SGC Members you have Met:

    well this is a long list but the ones i rember off of my head is: warguy, altair and Mr Night(back in the day, not sure if he is still SGC member still)

    Why do you want to join the SGC?

    well why not? not a paticular reason other then i love to do things i havent done and im hoping this will open up for some ney things

    What is your favorite cake?

    see this is a question! its a hard one. but i will have to go with a cake called Gateau Marcel, its invented by my formor head chef, who made it for his friend bearcues he coulden eat gluten so here it is the gluten free organic choclate cake. google it its the best cake.

    Any other Comments?

    i really like that cake like its seriuly good! Thanks for reading
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    My apologies for the delayed response and I thank you for your patience. I have to ask you since I haven't seen you on the server much and am a little unsure about your join reason: What do you like about Naval Play 2 or why do you play here? If you could give just a quick response so I can get to know you and your intentions a little better would be appreciated. Thanks.

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