Accepted Ban request on Joey skylynx

Discussion in 'Ban Requests' started by LeadBed, Sep 9, 2017.

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  1. LeadBed

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    Aug 23, 2017
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    Username: Joey Skylynx

    Steam ID: Couldn't find it.

    Reason: Breaking the rules: Joey Landed on the rig in a plane and jumped onto my ship, he then killed me but was slain by a teammate but then he came back and possibly bombed my ship under the rig, setting my 3 large oil tanks on fire. He also back chatted the admin present: Sern.

    Evidence: I don't have any screen shots or recordings but i went into the console and pulled this out:

    Fake-Boat [RADIO]: Requesting a pickup
    [SDG] reciving
    Kappatalist: someone just jumped onto rig
    Kappatalist: from a plane
    Kappatalist: and i believe he is now trying to kill lead
    Kappatalist: admin someone just jumped onto a ship from a plane is that allowed?
    Joey Skylynx killed LeadBed using weapon_sabre
    SGC | Sernikb: Its not
    Kappatalist: well that joey guy just did it
    the asian guy killed Joey Skylynx using weapon_ppistol
    LeadBed: he killed me
    mchadtollison how do you play this gamemode
    Kappatalist: landed on leads ship under rig
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    SGC | Sernikb: Joey Skylynx please case ur cancer
    SGC | CakeCoin: mchadtollison Press F1 watch the video
    Joey Skylynx: plane got stuck on railing
    OptimusPL has connected to the server.
    LeadBed: my ship has oil, can i get a pickup?
    Kappatalist: can lead get TPed to rig?
    (TEAM) Kappatalist: i'll come if the admin doesnt TP you
    LeadBed: uh, hello? i need a tp
    Fake-Boat [RADIO]: Enemy air!
    [SDG] reciving
    LeadBed: OH FFS
    Kappatalist: is he bombing under rig?
    Kappatalist: has he read the rules at all?
    Fake-Boat [RADIO]: Requesting reinforcements
    [SDG] reciving
    SGC | CakeCoin: Who?
    Kappatalist: i think its joey
    SGC | Sernikb: Joey Skylynx
    SGC | Sernikb: Case your fuckin cancer now
    Joey Skylynx suicided!
    SGC | Sernikb: and read the rules
    Joey Skylynx: how bout that
    JJD00 has connected to the server.
    LeadBed: Landed on rig with plane and killed me
    JJD00 has connected to the server.
    Kappatalist: you just bombed lead from under rig
    Kappatalist: i think
    Kappatalist: i heard a bomb atleast
    SGC | Sernikb: parenting will break gamemode
    LeadBed: and i still need a TP to rig
    Joey Skylynx suicided!
    kay_33 [FR]: they are angry here xD
    Lollo393 was killed by worldspawn
    LeadBed: ffs has he blown up my tanks?
    Kappatalist: im not sure
    Kappatalist: i heard an explosion
    [GOH]Cowredneck has connected to the server.
    the asian guy: it hit the back of your ship
    Marki: fucking lags
    Kappatalist: lag
    Marki: >~<
    SGC | Sernikb: Joey Skylynx.... 8K collision events
    Joey Skylynx: parenting
    SGC | Sernikb: M8
    LeadBed: so, landed on the rig with plane and killed me. Then blows up my three 800 tanks...I AM SALTY
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    kay_33 [FR]: no cold brok all -_-
    SGC | Sernikb: i would need to rewrite the netire gamemode to make this work
    Kappatalist: did joey bomb your tanks?
    Joey Skylynx: You would just need to tracehull the shots and angle them
    SGC | Sernikb: Easy to say
    LeadBed: can i at least check on my ship?
    (TEAM) JJD00: hello everyone
    Joey Skylynx: Just look at the privateer code and steal some of the framework from it
    Joey Skylynx: or look at ACF
    JJD00: sern you know the projectile when it hit it target does it bounce off sometimes
    SGC | Sernikb: Joey Skylynx for the love of god, stop your "i know how everything works" mode and fix your fuckin collisions
    JJD00: from SDG
    Fake-Boat [RADIO]: Enemy ship!
    [SDG] reciving
    Kappatalist: i think if its sloped
    Lollo393: per mille migliardi di sabordi
    SGC | Sernikb: naval Play 2 dont use cores or anything like that
    Fake-Boat [RADIO]: We are running low on reinforcements!
    [SDG] reciving
    mchadtollison has left the server.
    SGC | Sernikb: If you parent something
    SGC | Sernikb: and parent dies, childrens dies too
    MrDog: willox you make lag the server
    kay_33 [FR] has left the server.
    JJD00: will do LeadBed
    SGC | Sernikb: M8
    the asian guy: am i still making the lag
    Ilian: lagg
    SGC | Sernikb: you are trying to prove something here ? do i really need to remove your ship or kick you ?
    Kappatalist: this "sorry you cant cheat like that" error is annoying
    Joey Skylynx: battling enemy boat
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    Apr 23, 2016
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    Hey LeadBed, thank you for your report and our apologies for the ultra-late response. RedDeath spoke to Joey about the situation and according to him it's "sorted out". So I can assume he disciplined and got an apology out of Joey so that might as well count as a "ban", I guess. Either way I don't expect him to do this again.
  3. LeadBed

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    Aug 23, 2017
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