Ban Details: Danny 20 <S> 20 Phantom

Ban ID: #604

Player Information

Player Name:
Danny 20 <S> 20 Phantom
Steam ID:
IP Address:
Ban Status:

Ban Details

Banned On:
Jan 25, 2018
Banned By:
Server Moderator
New Member
Banned Via:
Naval Play 2
Mingebag Auto aiming Skyboxer flak 12H Ban
Ban Report:

Un-Ban Details

Expired On:
Jan 26, 2018 (12 hrs)


Ban Remarks

  • Altair
    G8. No Abuse Of Expression 2
    Radars (Or detection device of any type), Aim Assist*, Autopilot*, Blinders, Propkill Weapons, etc. If you're going to use E2 holograms for your vehicles, you must first have a physical body made of props that can be hit and destroyed AND the holograms MUST be parented to the props.
    Any E2 device that gives an unfair aiming advantage over other players, such as a lock-on targeting are not allowed.
    Any E2 device that allows a vehicle to be controlled without the input of a driver are not allowed.
    Clan Admin - Jan 25, 2018
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