Ban Details: big lad

Ban ID: #562

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Player Name:
big lad
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IP Address:
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Ban Details

Banned On:
Dec 29, 2017
Banned By:
Clan Admin
Naval Officer and Shipwright
Banned Via:
Naval Play 2
Rudeness and disrespect torwards staffmembers, you chill instead.
Ban Report:

Un-Ban Details

Expired On:
Dec 30, 2017 (1 d)


Ban Remarks

  • Georgianna

    SGC | Animefan162a: Just a heads up, if Sernik bans you, I can't do anything about it.
    Pootis: bans...
    Pootis: over basically a standstill prop that looks like a helo
    big lad: that sentence just sounds like something gay an anime evil henchman says. chill.
    Pootis: heli*
    Cynical Sinner: does that mean a plane flying up is deffinetly illegal now then?
    Armystuntman: A tiny holo cosmetic of a helicopter attached to my player, and he treated it as if I were flying it as it's own aircraft.
    SGC | Animefan162a: Annoying.
    big lad has left the server.
    (TEAM) SGC | Animefan162a: Banned big lad for being obnoxious and mouthing off
    (TEAM) SGC | Sernikb: thank you
    Clan Admin - Dec 29, 2017
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